aero3dpro Adelaide 3D city model sample

In december 2015 we acquired oblique aerial photographs and generated a photorealisitc and geographically accurate 3D model of Adelaide CBD, South-Australia. The final model is still being refined and will be available for purshase later this year 2016.

Please be aware that due to the acquisition angle and the limited resolution of the photographs necessary to generate the 3D model, distortions are present under verandah, eaves and any other obstructed areas during the capture.

interactive 3D model of Adelaide CBD subset


An area 200m x 300m is available for testing. The following fully textured 3D formats are available upon request:

  • FBX format with 10 simple Level of Details
  • FBX format with 4 embedded Level of Details
  • OBJ format with 10 simple Level of Details


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aero3Dpro Adelaide CBD Adelaide CBD Adelaide CBD

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