Property marketing: virtual views of off the plan high rise apartments

Property apartment view from 200m above ground using Sydney 3D Model 2017


In a competitive real-estate market, selling apartments off the plan is a real challenge. A growing range of visual marketing tools such as indoor virtual reality tours and computer generated visuals give potential buyers a way to understand, explore and experience space in a very unique way. The more accurate their vision the more likely they will purchase an apartment.

A key selling feature of high rise future apartments is the outdoor view they will offer. In Australia and many other countries, using a drone to perform photography over the CBD is not an option due to flying restrictions.

Creating virtual views is a great alternative: Using a combination of satellite and aerial imagery, digital elevation models, high resolution 3D city models and additional 3D assets, it is now possible to achieve very realistic renders and panoramas.


Steps to recreate a 3D city environment

Overview of the steps necessary to build the 3D scene 

A realistic window to the future

Having a virtual 3D environment also offer the possibility to generate the view at any time of the day and under any atmospheric conditions as well as adding any future approved buildings to simulate an accurate view at any time in the future.

Steps to recreate a 3D city environment

Any time of the day and weather conditions can be simulated

How is it done?

  1. You identify the apartments from which you'd like to simulate the views
  2. We integrate your building design into a complete 3D city environment
  3. We place the virtual cameras and produce the apartment views as still or panoramic renders for use as marketing material
Steps to recreate a 3D city environment

Check out some panoramic views from Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney in the example section (they work well on mobile devices)

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Examples of interactive apartment view panoramas


360 degrees panorama view from multiple heights in Adelaide. In this example, the balcony of the off the plan building is visible.

360 Panoramic Sydney


360 degrees panorama view from 200 metres above a fictional building in Sydney

360 Panoramic Sydney


360 degrees panorama view from 315 metres above a fictional building in Southbank, Melbourne

360 Panoramic Sydney

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