Our Story

Aero3Dpro is an innovative 3D aerial modelling service based on aerial photogrammetry techniques for the production of location accurate, high-resolution and fully textured 3D models of natural and urban environment.

Aero3Dpro was launched in October 2012 by AEROmetrex, an Australian aerial mapping and survey company based in Adelaide, South Australia. Over an extensive period of R&D, experiments and trials, our group of passionate spatial professionals and engineers designed a robust 3D photogrammetric workflow for flight planning and acquisition of aerial photographs, processing and generation of 3D models, and delivery of the final data.

We dedicate a lot of time sharing our passion and working with businesses to find new ways to use aero3dpro 3D information to solve real-life problems. Our mission is to deliver existing and new customers the best 3D mapping and visualisation solutions to their needs.

Being in a very dynamic industry, we make sure we keep up with the latest emerging visualisation technologies including virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive visualisation tools and software.

Clients and Recognition

Since its founding in 1977, AEROmetrex has been providing cutting-edge geospatial solutions, exploiting existing and emerging aerial imaging technologies, to local, state, national and international clients from both the private and public sector.

Our diverse aero3Dpro client base is growing every day and we are proud to work with engineering firms, visualisation companies, local and state government departments, mining companies, architects and urban planning firms among others.

One of our latest projects took us to the US to generate a 3D model of the city of Philadelphia, to assist in the planning and security of Pope Francis’ visit in September 2015.


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