From a single building to an entire city, we capture reality
and generate location accurate and fully textured 3D models
of natural and urban environments

3D Modelling service

Aero3Dpro is an Australian 3D mapping service for the generation of geographically accurate, fully textured and high resolution 3D models of natural and urban environments.

It is an end-to-end service based on aerial photogrammetry techniques including flight planning, image acquisition, 3D processing, geo-registration and final delivery.

Aero3Dpro models can be provided as stand-alone data for use in common 3D rendering and CAD software or as 3D GIS-ready products.

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new design integrated into Terraexplorer Pro

Range of applications

Aero3Dpro 3D models are used in many industries around Australia and overseas for visualisation, simulation, survey and mapping and decision support applications. Current markets include but are not limited to:

  • Urban planning and property development
  • Engineering and construction
  • Media and entertainment
  • Defence and security
  • Coastal management
  • Event planning
  • Mining
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GIS, CAD and 3D render software compatible

Aero3Dpro 3D models can be delivered in most common 3D formats including OBJ, Collada, FBX, OSGB as well as LAS point-clouds for use into 3D render and CAD software.

3D models can also be packaged into a growing range of interactive 3D GIS and game engines such as TerraExplorer Pro, Urban Engine, Infraworks, Unreal Engine 4.

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